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Can’t Miss US is one of the first LED Digital Mobile Billboard Truck companies in the USA. Can’t Miss US offers an effective and affordable solution for mobile digital billboard advertising on the go. Our digital LED billboard trucks are driven to obtain maximum exposure for your brand. Can’t Miss US’s highly visible advertising space on the sides of our LED trucks, is one of the best solutions for Out-Of-Home OOH advertising needs. When our LED trucks are on road, your audience CAN’T MISS US.

97% of people can recall the ads from mobile billboard advertising compared to 58% of people remembering ads they saw online or on a smartphone. It’s also 2 times more effective than static billboards.

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Ads that are
Impossible to miss

Road side static and digital billboards are only visible for a few seconds as the driver’s speed by them, and typically only visible from one side of the road. Our high definition screens are impossible to miss as we deliver your branding and messaging to the drivers and pedestrians at eye level on three sides.


Flexible Campaigns

Our client’s campaign can be designed to meet their exact needs. The message in the ads can be changed on a regular scheduled or even programmed to change based on the time, weather or geographic location allowing you to adjust this single advertising medium to meet the multiple advertising objectives.


Cost Effective

Our Digital LED Mobile billboards are most cost effective than TV, Radio, Print and in many cases Social Media Advertising. At Can’t Miss US, we offer different advertising packages including exclusive and shared rentals with pricing low enough for any business to take advantage of this exciting new form of digital advertising to reach their target customers.


Captivating Platform

Our mobile billboards can play static clips, dynamic HD videos and even play streaming live contents like broadcasts sports or concerts. We have state of the art external stereo sound system that provides a Digital out of home platform that is highly visible, creates memorable campaigns and allows for countless creative marketing techniques which simply are not possible with any other OOH medium.


Focused on Target Audience,
impressions that matter

With this out of home advertising OOH medium, our digital LED trucks take the ads to the target audience creating the maximum bang for the advertising buck. For a Music label/Artist, the ads can be shown near a concert or night clubs. For a fitness brand or medical professions, the ads can be shown outside popular fitness clubs/gyms. For a primary care, the ads can be shown near major hospitals. When advertising on our digital LED billboard trucks, we just don’t show ads, but we show the ads to whom it matters.


Generate a high number of
impressions instantly

Since the rise of the social media advertising, Impressions and Cost per Impression holds the key metrics. A downside to some other types of marketing and advertising is that it tends to only create only a small number of impressions in an area close to the business or only reaches a small audience. For example, a print advertisement will only reach people who read the newspaper. Internet ads and videos will only reach people who have Internet access and go onto certain specific websites. With the choice of a proper event, our mobile digital LED billboard trucks can generate multiple thousand impressions in a short duration. Be it a football/soccer game at a stadium or a concert in an Arena or any outdoor Music Festival.

Our Clients

They Trusted Us

Can’t Miss US’s mobile (digital) billboard trucks is helping clients to get the maximum exposure in their highly visible advertising space since 2016. Our (digital) LED trucks are a huge hit with clients for their versatility and cost-effectiveness. It can play Videos, Slide show with multiple pictures along with Audio which no other billboard advertising medium provides. Here are some of our most trusted clients.

"Logo of A3C Festival & Conference"
Logo of AIDS Walk Atlanta & 5K Run
Logo of Atlanta Pride with a rainbow dot line
Cloudcraft logo with blue and yellow icon
Metro by T-Mobile logo on a white background.
Logo of Tin Drum Asia Café


Welcome to our blog section, where we provide in-depth insights and valuable information about billboard trucks. Our goal is to help you understand the immense benefits of using these mobile advertising platforms for your business. Through our blogs, you will learn how billboard trucks can enhance your marketing strategies, reach a wider audience, and maximize your brand’s visibility. We’ll share expert tips, success stories, and practical advice to ensure you get the most out of your advertising campaigns. Stay tuned and discover how billboard trucks can transform your promotional efforts and drive your business forward.

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