3 Creative Outdoor Marketing Ideas For Your Brand

It may be easy to dismiss outdoor marketing when there are all the benefits of digital marketing readily available, but even the biggest brand names still understand and appreciate the value of creative outdoor marketing. That’s because outdoor advertising is all around us and it helps remind your target audience about your brand.

Three creative outdoor marketing ideas you can implement for your next campaign include digital mobile billboards, guerilla marketing, and outdoor events. You can implement these separately or combine them for one impactful marketing campaign!

Learn more about these creative outdoor marketing methods and tips on how you can be the most successful in implementing these ideas.

Digital Mobile Billboards

Digital mobile billboards are a great way to target customers while creating a fun “pop-up” experience. A digital mobile billboard is on a mobile vehicle consisting of large LED screens. You can customize as many messages as you want for your digital mobile billboard and switch the messages depending on where your truck will be that day. This allows for more flexibility and customization based on your budget.

No matter where you send your truck, it will certainly create a memorable and engaging experience! You can get as creative as you want with images and even high-quality videos. Unlike traditional billboards, there’s no limit what you can put on your digital mobile billboard and how many places it can go in one day.

creative outdoor marketing methods digital mobile billboard
Example of a digital mobile billboard promoting DJ Khaled

Guerilla Marketing

Creativity is the key to guerilla marketing because you’re goal is to grab attention. These are usually low-cost strategies that are different than what people have seen before. This allows you to experiment without spending a ton of money to see what works the best for you.

One example of guerilla marketing could be a unique art installment in a high-traffic area that represents your brand. If you’re a coffee brand it could be a huge coffee cup in the park or utilizing the steps of an escalator to promote a travel agency. The goal is to be bold and be memorable!

Outdoor Events

Outdoor events have been limited during the pandemic, but as we’re slowly starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and more and more people are craving outdoor events, this is the perfect opportunity to get creative with your marketing.

Some examples of outdoor events you can host include product demonstrations, free tastings, and mini-concerts. People are naturally curious, so creating a crowd will spark curiosity and fun. If you’re not into hosting events, you can also help sponsor upcoming events as well. And since people are desperate to get back to do doing what they love, seeing your brand at their first event post-pandemic will certainly create warm feelings!

Combine All Your Creative Marketing Efforts

You can certainly use each of these creative ideas on their own, or combine them for an event greater impact. Say you’re going to sponsor an food festival, you can think of creative ways to implement guerilla marketing techniques, as well as hire a digital mobile billboard to not only help promote the festival, but to also drive around as the festival takes place.

To take it a step further, you can even sync your online and offline marketing methods to drive even more action. Whatever you decide, here is how you can make your creative outdoor marketing the most successful:

Is it trend-worthy? When someone sees your marketing, would they want to share it with others? You want people to take a photo and share it with a hashtag on social media.

Will the right people see it? We have so much data available at our fingertips today, so you can be strategic where you place your outdoor advertisements. It’s important to go for high-traffic areas, but you can take it a step further and target your key demographics.

What’s the competition doing? It’s always a good idea to check out your competition. Check out their ads and placements and see how you can be better.

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