Amazing Benefits of Mobile Billboards for your Ad

Did you know that mobile billboard advertisement ranks in the top position for Out of Home(OOH) advertising medium? According to our study, the recall rate for mobile billboard advertising is more than 96%. Also, it has more than two times the success rate over stationary billboards.


Why is Mobile Billboard Advertising the best?

Why are all businesses and major companies are advertising themselves on these digital-led trucks?


A steady increase of mobile billboard advertising graph

We know that the future for advertising media is the OOH advertising solutions. Where OOH is any form of advertising that reaches customers when they’re outside. It’s customized to get the attention of people who are on the go. Over the past year, we have seen a steady increase in the number of businesses marketing their products or services from digital-led trucks. And this is because mobile billboard has amazing benefits when compared to other OOH advertising solutions. A few of the reasons for choosing mobile billboards is that they are affordable, dedicated to your target audience. LED mobile billboards offer a mind-blowing platform where people cannot take their eyes off. We can clearly say that digital mobile billboard advertising is the king of OOH Medium. 


Why Choose Mobile LED Billboards


Impossible to Miss

The digital-led trucks have an entire stereo system with a LED screen placed on it. When your advertisements are streamed on the trucks, every person who passes by will glance at them. This makes it impossible to miss your advertisement. You can ignore other OOH medium solutions by muting your TV or not reading the newspaper, but mobile billboard advertising is impossible to miss as it will be there right in front of your consumers. 


Flexible Campaigns

Digital trucks adapt to all your campaigns if you wish to change or customize your running campaign it can be done in just a matter of minutes. The brand which you advertise can be customized on a schedule or programmed to design based on the time, weather, or  geographic location. This is one of the main benefits when compared to others as this is not possible with other OOH medium solutions.



Digital LED billboards are affordable when compared to other OOH mediums such as TV, radio, etc. Compared to stationary billboards, digital LED billboards are cheaper as they are compact and delivered to your target audience. Also, they come in shared rentals with low prices for a package deal.


Engaging Platform

Digital trucks can stream steady clips, vibrant videos with HD quality, and play live streaming broadcasts. Supported by an art external stereo system that boosts the advertisement. This makes a perfect quality for the out-of-home (OOH) platform and creates numerous leads for your business.


Impressions are important 

The LED trucks take your advertising to the target audience on wheels, creating the greatest impact for advertising. The advertisements can be anything from a small awareness program to advertising a new music label for a renowned artist. Therefore, every impression matters, and a mobile billboard advertisement is known for having more impressions (20k-50k impressions a day) when compared to the rest. And because of this, you can change your leads to sales.


These were the amazing benefits of our mobile billboard advertising. And we would be glad to help you achieve what you dream. If you have any queries or want to know more about us and mobile billboard advertisements, click here and register for a callback.


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