Digital Mobile Billboard Research:Take Action Now

While online advertisements can do wonders for your marketing campaign, the latest digital mobile billboard research shows that this form of OOH advertising can also drive consumers to take action. We’re not saying you should totally disregard all your online marketing strategies, however, we all know it’s good practice to have multi-prong approach so the more places you can reach your audience the better.

If you’ve been on the digital mobile billboard fence for a while, perhaps the latest research conducted by the outdoor Advertising Association of America and Nielson will change your mind. Let’s take a closer look at what they discovered about digital mobile billboards and why they should be part of your next marketing campaign strategy. 

The Research Behind Digital Mobile Billboards

The OAAA and Nielsen collected more than 450 surveys about digital mobile billboards in the United States from Americans who were 16-years-old and older in the top 30 markets in the country from February 24 to March 4, 2020.

The results of the digital mobile billboards survey included the following:

  • 31% of consumers reported noticing a digital mobile billboard in the past month, highlighting its effectiveness in catching attention. 
  • A significant 57% of those who saw a digital mobile billboard acknowledged seeing them regularly, illustrating their widespread presence. 
  • Impressively 67% of consumers were motivated to take action after encountering a digital mobile billboard, with activities ranging from visiting websites and stores to interacting on social media. 
  • Furthermore, 61% of this group actively engaged through their mobile devices, undertaking actions such as scanning QR codes, browsing websites, downloading apps, or making direct purchases. 

This statistic underscores the direct influence and substantial impact of digital mobile billboards in engaging consumers and driving interactive and measurable consumer behavior in the digital age.

Why Are Digital Mobile Billboards So Effective?

Cantmiss.US Billboard Truck featuring Evan Neal #73, Arkansas.

To understand why consumers are so driven to take action after seeing a digital mobile billboard, let’s dive into some of the features:

  • Mobile: The fact that you can take your digital billboard anywhere means your message can be exactly in front of the right consumer at the right time. If you want your truck to be downtown during lunch and then circling different neighborhoods later in the day, that is no problem!
  • Customized messaging: When you use a static outdoor billboard, you are limited to one message for a set period of time. With a digital mobile billboard you are able to change your message multiple times a day. So depending on where your mobile billboard will be you can have just the right message for the right audience.
  • Supplement online marketing: As we shared before, online advertising is still an important part of your marketing strategy. However, when you sync your online marketing with a digital mobile billboard, you’re now creating a unique experience.
  • Memorable: The data backs it up—digital mobile billboards are fun and memorable! You can’t help but notice them, so when you need to reach your target consumers you will definitely grab their attention with a mobile billboard.

Ready To Try A Digital Mobile Billboard?

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