Grow your business with digital mobile billboards

What is this Out of home advertising and why is it on the trending page?

Out-of-home(OOH) advertising, also called outdoor advertising, is advertising that is performed and experienced outside of the home or in public places. These advertisements are usually targeted towards people “on the go”. OOH, advertisements mainly revolve around Billboards that are used, or strategically placed, or displayed through various platforms, in various locations and time of the day.

With the evolution in technology, using digital platforms for advertising has become extremely important and attractive to keep up with the changing trends in the market. Digital out-of-home has seen a major upward trend since 2009. It refers to media advertisements distributed across locations in venues including, but not limited to: cafes, bars, restaurants, health clubs, colleges, arenas, airports, and other public spaces, these advertisements digitally entice the viewers outside of their home while they’re on a move and getting through their routine day.

Mobile Billboard Advertising and Its Benefits

One of the most trending modes of advertisement is mobile billboard advertising. Mobile billboards advertisement is primarily displaying an ad on an LED screen that is mounted on a vehicle, mostly a truck. As a small business, mobile billboard advertisements is the most feasible and attractive mode to you, because it’s cheap and it targets a huge crowd. It will help you understand and analyze the market to establish your place and determine your target audience in it.

In mobile billboard advertisements, your advertisement will be displayed on a huge LED screen that is supported with high-quality speakers. Because of such a great quality screen and sound system, a mobile billboard advertisement is close to impossible to not be noticed by the onlookers.

This type of advertisement is mainly place-based and time-based. If you strategically plan and proceed, with the place and time as to when and where you’ll have the truck parked to display your advertisement, you would win an incredibly high rate of viewership and indulge in the brand introduction, education, customer curiosity, and brand recognition. Mobile billboard advertisements tend to have a higher viewership rate as compared to indoor or digital advertisements because they’re planned in a way that they grab maximum attention from people.

The advertisements in support of this mode of marketing, are designed in a way that they are attractive and tend to last long in one’s memory by being catchy. These advertisements can have digital advertisements which have vibrant colors and are supported by a catchy phrase or song.

Scenarios for Mobile Billboard Advertising

When people are outside, in public places, on a go, they tend to have a very heightened sense of awareness as to what’s going on around them. This is the exact sense that we target with mobile billboards.

As you’re targeting the onlookers who are on a move, this is a great way to target impulsive buyers who solely depend on the first impression or look of the product or service.

The vehicle can be parked or driven around after gaining permits according to the city’s jurisdiction. With the dynamic control of choosing where and when it should be parked to display the ad, you can strategize different ways to target the audience. Like driving around or parking in the morning time near a park, will be extremely helpful for companies whose products and services circle around health or fitness.