Effectiveness of Mobile Billboards in Increasing Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness in the target audience leads to contemplation and eventually to decision-making in a customer purchase journey. It greatly influences a customer’s thought of buying a product. Researches have shown that consumers are more likely to consider brands they recognize most.

Brand awareness is the route to growing conversions. Digital marketing through Mobile Billboards is an effective, inexpensive, and easy way to build brand awareness and increase the rate of conversions. The statistics of the Arbitron National In-Car Study show that:

  • 71% of the travelers surveyed in US noticed billboard advertising messages while driving
  • 58% of viewers learnt about an event they were interested to attend or a restaurant they later visited
  • 50% of them visited a store about which they came to know through a billboard
  • 26% noted a contact number mentioned on a billboard
  • 28% noted a website address specified on a billboard
  • Americans travel over 200 miles and spend about 20 hours per week in their cars
  • More than two-thirds of billboard viewers make a shopping decision while they are in the car and about 75% of them shop on their way back home from work

All of the above interesting research findings suggest that Mobile Billboards can be leveraged to highly influence buying decisions of shoppers. Mobile Billboards provide a great opportunity to create brand awareness and target customers having diverse demographic backgrounds. With an eye-catching advertisement on our massive trucks passing by, your audience just CAN’T MISS US!!


Effectiveness of Mobile Billboards in Increasing Brand Awareness

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