Everything about out-of-home (OOH) advertising

Any visual advertising outside of the home is Out Of Home (OOH) advertising. Billboards and road signs being the first and the trite examples of OOH, it does not end there. The term is very ubiquitous and covers things from specific to universal. Although it can seem very intimidating and expensive to begin with, one can take complete advantage of OOH after jotting down and getting acquainted with the basics and a little help from the agencies.

As the world is digitalizing, OOH is not far from it. The ads on small digital platforms like mini-TVs in a gas station to big subway platforms have covered every possible screen that most of us spend hours staring at. As most of this is very bold and, in your face, connecting with the consumers doesn’t seem like an impossible task to achieve. For OOH to be successful, it has to attain qualities like being in the perfect location, having a greater reach all the time, and being cost-effective in a highly competitive market. Finding one that fits the mold is a hard and menial task, and this is where our mobile billboards come in. It can be the one-stop for all the amenities required to be a successful Out of home (OOH) advertisement.

Out of Home Advertising


Benefits of mobile billboard advertising

  • Targets multiple demographics

As it is mobile and can move from to multiple locations in a day, it can reach a larger audience than stationary ads like billboards which can only be viewed in the peripheral vision as you try to reach your destination as quickly as possible.

  • Less competitive

Mobile billboards have less competition in the markets than their counterparts in the cities. They can be on their feet throughout the day and change the location if the rival team/company decides to use the same space.

  • Cost-effective

Mobile billboards are by far the most affordable form of Out of home (OOH) advertising than the others.

  • Flexibility

In a world of constant change, having to deal with the constant new products and campaigns becomes a hassle. This can be completely avoided by using mobile billboards as they can be changed and molded according to the customers’ needs at a much faster interval.

  • Collaborate with digital

As an integrated campaign, OOH, like mobile billboards, can include digital proximity-based text messages that can be sent to the targeted demographics when the vehicle is nearby. Having received the text messages along with the visual aid will have a greater impact.

  • Noticeable

As these are moving vehicles and completely bold, big, noticing them would be much easier.

  • Creative platform

The platform will be a creative space on the wheels where one can experiment with the vogue trends and make an eye-catching and attention-grabbing advertisement. This will attract more customers as they have been noted to, based on the current trends.

Now that you know all the benefits of mobile billboard advertising, you can forget old static billboard advertising, which may not be as effective as mobile billboards. If we missed out on anything or if you have more queries on this, please reach out to us.