How to Effectively Promote a Concert

Concerts are always the talk of the town, aren’t they? With flyers being posted on every tree, car window and doorstep and with the excitement in people’s voices emanating from every corner of the street, concerts are known to create quite the buzz – especially if it’s a concert of an A-list artist.

However, the fear is always present and that is; “what if no one shows up?”

Well, if you have ticked off all necessary measures and have amped up your promotional strategy to an all high, chances are your concert is about to become a mega-blast without a doubt. If you have gotten the venue, the date, the artist’s name in mention all ready for takeoff, selling tickets will be a piece of cake.

However, there are a few who think a concert will ‘sell itself’ because of the artist in mention. You could have the most popular artist coming in town for their gig, but if the marketing hasn’t been done right and no one knows about it, the concert is up to incur one fat chunk of loss.

Don’t worry though, promoting a concert is not all scary; only a few sets of skills like the ones mentioned below and voila! You might have just earned yourself a badge for ‘best promoter ever’!

1. First, get to know who is your audience

Before you spend your hard-earned coins for a promotional activity, first know who your audience is. When it comes to marketing, nothing is ever driven by the product itself; it is always almost driven by the audience in mention.

Knowing your customers, how old they are, where they hang out, what do they like, etc., is going to give you a clear canvas to work on when promoting your concert. This way, you will know where to distribute your flyers, where to stamp on enormous billboards and posters, and, where to set up a ticket booth for selling concert tickets.

2. Clicks, Clicks, Clicks

Online marketing is another great avenue to market your concerts as majority of your target audience reside on online social platforms. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can aid you in reaching a much larger audience than any other convential marketing technique.

Social media marketing is by far one of the most effective marketing tools present today. It is fast, easy and requires no hassle in set up and still manages to send a message on a global scale. Setting up an events page on Facebook is a great alternative if you cannot afford a high-budget television advertisement and works fantastically for artists who have just started to make a scene in the music industry.

3. Digital Mobile

Mobile LED billboard marketing is also on the rise in the marketing scene thanks to its ability to reach an audience that is out of home and walking around the streets.

That’s the great thing about Cant Miss US – it provides an exceptional promoting technique with its mobile LED billboard marketing – an innovative way to market products and services while moving about town within a certain geographical radius. Cant Miss US’ LED trucks and vans take care of promotional activities such as playing high-resolution videos and images on shuffle to bring brand awareness through different locations.

With its mobility, Cant Miss US can engage with the audience and build deeper connections with them all with the help of out-of-home marketing. So if a concert is targeting young teens and adults, Cant Miss US’ LED trucks and vans can drive around locations where individuals between 14 and 25 are present. They may answer their queries about where to get concert tickets and provide them the promotional agency’s website and contact details for more information.

Cant Miss US’ bilboard trucks  also drive around nearby concerts that have a similar target audience. This clever tactic proves to be effective because not only do you then get to aim towards a particular demographic, you also get to lure in your customers who are willing to spend a similar amount of money on your concert too. 

4. Traditional Marketing

Radio advertising is also an option for upcoming artists whose songs have been playing on repeat on radios nationwide. Radio DJs can play an artist’s song on their radio channel and make an announcement to their listeners about the artist’s upcoming performance nearby.

Lastly, give yourself enough time to promote

Things done in haste are bound to be a disaster. With something so hectic and stressful like promoting a major concert, you want to have some extra time on your hands rather than panicking last minute if things go wrong. Ideally, we recommend you start all promotional activities for more than 4 weeks before the concert. This way you have enough time to intensify the concert’s promotion as the time gets closer – which in turn will lure in more consumers with your anticipated promotional content. 

If it’s a famous artist’s concert, there isn’t much time needed to promote the concert because chances are the artist’s popularity will be sufficient to garner an enormous audience. However, if it is a local artist performing, a little extra push will be necessary to amplify the concert. You would have to repeatedly post flyers and posters around and may have to remind people about purchasing the ticket several times till the show nears its commencement date.

If you happen to be short on time and there isn’t a sea of options to dive into in promoting a concert, it’s a good time to contact Cant Miss US to utilize their LED billboard marketing vehicles. We offer LED trucks, vans, and trawlers which essentially display a company’s promotional content through videos and images to attract customers who are out and about. Cant Miss US has driven around promotional content in several cities and states in America such as Alabama, Atlanta, Washington, Florida, New Jersey, and North and South Carolina. Their most notable clients have been Planet Fitness, ATL United, Metro by T-Mobile, Cloudcraft, Passion City Church and AutoNation to name a few.

Contacting static billboard agencies is also a tool you can opt for as it is displayed for a certain time span and provides positioned marketing. This means that because it is situated in one location for a long time, it helps everyday viewers in being reminded of it’s existence and causes them to take action in purchasing their tickets.

Cant Miss US is a mobile led billboard company that can help you with promoting your upcoming concert. Connect with us to design a marketing campaign for your concert at +1 (888) 637-3433 or email us at info@cantmiss.usa for queries and concerns.