How You Can Sync Online and Offline Marketing Methods

Online and offline marketing can work together in sync to help you meet your marketing goals. While most marketing has transitioned to the digital world because of the ability to better target audiences and potentially save money, you shouldn’t rule out the power that offline marketing has in reaching your potential customers. And when the two work together, it’s marketing magic!

Online and offline marketing is essential because consumers are savvy when researching before buying or taking any action. The best way to think about how to utilize online and offline marketing is to think about how they can complement each other.

Here are some examples of how you can create an integrated online and offline strategy for your next marketing campaign.

Drive Offline Promotions With Online Call-To-Actions

There are many opportunities to utilize offline marketing methods to help promote anything online or drive people to take action. If you’re launching a new product, a new TV show, or a big sale, offline methods can help promote and build momentum.

For example, say that you’re going to host a big sale on your website in the next few weeks. You can utilize something like a digital mobile billboard to start building curiosity, interest, and excitement.

One of the benefits of utilizing an offline marketing method like a digital mobile billboard is that they are memorable. The advertisements are shown on big LED screens on a truck, so your target audience can’t miss it!

Plus, you can create a fun, pop-up experience so when the big sales day finally comes, your target audience will already have a positive association thanks to your digital mobile billboard. Also, digital mobile billboards are very easy to update. Easily transition your mobile billboard from a promotion message to something that’s going to drive people to your site.

Online and offline marketing methods including utilizing a digital mobile billboard to promote online sales.
Example of T-Mobile utilizing a digital mobile billboard.

Utilize Online Data To Create Offline Marketing Strategies

The great thing about the evolution of online marketing is our ability to access more data than ever before. We know more about our target market’s interests, locations, hobbies, income, employment, and so much more.

Thanks to that data, you can better strategize your offline marketing efforts. Going back to our digital mobile billboard example, you can send your truck to particular areas during certain times of the day.

For example, by utilizing the geodata on your target audience, you can plan for your digital mobile billboard to be downtown during lunchtime or in the suburbs on the weekends. You can even schedule it to be in multiple places one day and even have a completely different message for each location! There are several other examples of how you can utilize your online data to help with offline marketing, from where you place posters, billboards, building coverings, and even swag. If you know where your audience will be, you can be creative with your offline advertising to make an unforgettable impression.

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