Affordable and Custom LED Billboards Advertising

Nowadays, everyone is glued to the idea of having their ads on creative LED trucks. What makes those trucks so attractive that it’s demanding everyone’s attention? Why are these digital LED trucks famous these days? Why is everyone talking about mobile billboard advertisements? It Moves! Our study states that the digital LED trucks (mobile billboard advertisement) rank in the top tier when it comes to Out Of Home (OOH) advertising solutions. And there’s a massive advantage in impressions and recall rates among Mobile LED Billboards when compared to other OOH mediums such as static billboards, TV, radio, etc. It’s Got the Best Features What makes these LED billboards so different? Why are major corporations taking advantage of this medium in large numbers? Besides the fact that they are eye-catching, here are two prominent features –
  • Easily customizable
  • Cost-effective
  • It cannot be ignored
It is Customizable In this digital age, we have to adapt to the new trends which change every week. With that, we also have to adapt to our customers and their needs. The campaigns that run on mobile billboards can be customized to your will and can be changed anytime you want to modify them. If you wish to change the message to target a different age group, it can be done in no time. So, it’s easy for you to get your message out there the very next moment. It’s Pocket Friendly   In these challenging economic times, choosing cost-effective marketing methods is smart planning. Agreed? The main reason why this is affordable is that it offers a high ROI (return on investment). When looking at cost initially, it may seem that the medium is costly. However, when you make the proper comparison of number of exclusive impressions received as well as the higher recall rate, Mobile LED Billboards have one of the greatest ROI amongst all OOH medium. In terms of ROI, mobile billboards beat other mediums like stationary billboards, printed media, TV and radio commercials, etc. If you want to maximize the use of your marketing budget, consider the use of Digital Mobile Billboards. You Can’t Turn Away from It Most of the other OOH advertising solutions can be easily avoided. For example, you can mute or shut down your TV, turn to the next page or put down your newspaper, and the static billboards can be missed when you’re driving past them. But when it comes to mobile billboards, they are right in front of you with big LED screens and a speakers. It makes it hard to avoid these eye-catching advertisements, and you can’t turn away from them. They Get Mind-Blowing Impressions The mobile billboard truck advertising is known for being affordable and for mind-blowing impressions in a single day. A single digital LED truck can get around 20k-40k impressions per hour in a crowded area.
LED Billboards and Advertising

LED Billboards and Advertising

Because It Is – Mobile Billboard Advertising
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