OHH Advertising In Political Campaigns Still Matter…And Here’s Why

OHH advertising in political campaigns still play a crucial role in a candidate’s election outcome, despite candidates exploding their budgets in TV and social media advertising. OOH advertising, especially in extremely competitive areas, can make the difference between delivering an acceptance speech rather than a concession speech.

You can integrate OOH advertising in political campaigns by utilizing traditional methods like billboards and posters while infusing digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising methods like digital mobile billboards.

We’ll discuss the facts that back up the value of OOH advertising and how you can integrate these mediums into your next political campaign.

Why OOH Advertising Still Matters

Using the 2019-2020 election cycle as an example of the future of political ad spending, according to Forbes candidates spent an estimated $8.5 billion in TV, radio, and digital ads.

Having a variety of advertising methods is critical for any political candidate. While it’s important to be online and on TV, voters can easily swipe you off their screen or click to another channel. OOH advertising allows you to quickly make your presence known, accurately convey your campaign message, and even drive voters to take action.

First, while the bombardment of ads in their newsfeeds and emails can distract voters, OOH advertising is constant. Plus, you have the opportunity to reach miss audiences. Perhaps younger voters do not watch network TV and older generations aren’t using social media as much. But you can reach everyone with OOH advertising.

Secondly, OOH advertising is a great supplement to your overall political campaign message. People expect transparency and accountability from their elected officials, so utilizing a no-way-to-miss OOH ad that clearly communicates what you stand for is golden. Voters want to know you represent their voices and values, and according to SmartBrief people trust what you say with OOH advertising more than social ads.  

Lastly, according to a recent study, brands that dedicated 15% more to their OOH advertising saw an increase in their social media engagement than brands that didn’t utilizing OOH at all. We can assume this would also correlate to the political arena.  If you’re looking to increase your online support and engagement, incorporating OOH ads that encourages people to take action online can do that.

OHH Advertising In Political Campaigns: Digital Mobile Billboards

Now there is a variety of OOH advertising in political campaigns that is a mix of traditional mediums and digital ones. You have your traditional street marketing, like posters, signs, and benches that meet your voters at eye level. But there is no limit to the level of creativity you can infuse in OOH and DOOH.

There are your traditional static billboards and wall covers that are powerful mediums when it comes to grabbing attention and making statements. But now billboards are turning digital, allowing you flexibility with your messaging. Additionally, billboards are also on the move.

Utilizing digital mobile billboards is a great way to take your message directly to where voters are going to be. With the geo data available now, you can know where people go to work, where they go for lunch, and when they typically return home. You can create a “pop up” experience in several places during the day and not be stuck to just one location.

OHH advertising in political campaigns, such as a digital mobile billboard from CantMissUs
Example of a digital mobile billboard in Washington, D.C.

Additionally, your ads are shown on large LED screens on a mobile truck, so this also means you can have multiple images and messages that can be changed in a matter of seconds. Perhaps you want one message for a mobile digital billboard in a downtown business area and then switch the message when you move into a residential area. This flexibility also allows you to save both time and money.

How You Can Utilize Digital Mobile Billboards In Your Next Campaign

If you would like to incorporate more OOH advertising in political campaigns and utilizing the flexibility and affordability of digital mobile billboards, contact us today. Can’t Miss Us has more than 23 years of combined experience when it comes to smashing big marketing strategies.


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