Static Billboards vs. Mobile Billboards

Mobile Billboards is an out of home advertising medium for advertising on wheels. It offers more advantages over Static Billboards as it brings the ad directly to the target audience. On the contrary, Static Billboards are traditional billboards placed in a fixed location hoping that the desired audience would pass by the billboard. Mobile Billboards provide room for much more creative campaigns as compared to Static Billboards.

The following insights were gathered from a research conducted in the United States in 2020 after studying the actions of participants exposed to mobile digital out-of-home advertising:

  • 35% of respondents searched online or visited a website for the advertised service or product
  • 35% of them visited the advertised restaurant, store, or other business in person
  • 28% of those who engaged with Mobile Billboards saw the advertised TV show or movie
  • 28% posted about and visited the social media site of the advertised product/service
  • 23% attended the advertised festival, sporting event, or concert
  • 20% recommended the advertised brand/product to others

Mobile billboards on an advertisement truck parked in a street in Atlanta promoting COVID-19 vaccines with the message "one decision for us".

The Mobility Advantage

The power of mobile billboards to reach a moving audience is one of their greatest benefits. Mobile campaigns ensure a more diverse and targeted reach by delivering the message to places where potential customers go to or where there is a lot of foot traffic, as compared to depending solely on people passing by a stationary billboard. These billboards can draw attention in crowded areas, shopping malls, entertainment districts, and event spaces by being positioned strategically atop moving vehicles. This high visibility provides recurring exposure and aids in cementing the advertisement’s message in the minds of the target audience.

Creativity Unleashed

Mobile billboards‘ flexibility and mobility offer a unique blank canvas for creative thinking. To build ads that stand out on the road, advertisers could play around with eye-catching designs, interactive elements, and unexpected visuals. These mobile advertisements can be especially memorable if they use striking images, catchy phrases, and interactive elements. They can create memorable marketing storylines that strongly connect with viewers and inspire certain emotional responses thanks to their ability to adapt to different contexts.

Mobile Billboards truck advertisement with Taimi advertisement in Tulsa, OK featuring diverse individual with people passing by.

Adaptability and Flexibility

Mobile billboards offer advertisers with flexibility to customize their campaigns, while static billboards are difficult to modify once installed and require a large period of time for obtaining perfect sites. Based on fast input, they may quickly swap out new designs, try alternative routes, and modify timings. This flexibility ensures that ads are created according to the tastes of the target audience and that the brand message is impactful, current, and relevant.

Environmental Sustainability

Eco-friendly technologies are also applied by modern mobile billboards. Comparing digital billboards to traditional paper-based billboards, they are a more environmentally friendly advertising alternative because they can be reused and material can be modified without producing physical trash. Additionally, mobile vehicle optimization helps promote greener advertising methods by reducing fuel usage.

AXE advertisement in Texas, promoting body spray on a mobile billboard advertisement truck parked beside a busy street in front of a pub.

Enhanced Audience Engagement Through Digital Integration

Digital integration is made easy with mobile billboards, which may boost audience engagement with modern technologies like social media handles, QR codes, and even live data streams. These features promote immediate interaction and let customers follow a brand on the internet, which results in more significant and quantifiable engagement. Easily updating information makes it possible to deliver timely and relevant messages that are often customized to fit certain locales, occasions, or target demographics.

Cant Miss Us and Mobile Billboards

Can’t Miss Us provides customized mobile out-of-home advertising solutions to cater to your business needs. Our mobile trucks are a great way to execute mobile out-of-home campaigns in any market. They can be placed at high-traffic locations or events. We also help you to estimate impressions or interactions with your campaign using pedestrian and traffic information. We use specific locations or routes within a given market to reach various demographics through our Mobile Billboards. By extension, we will help you strategize targeting a larger audience or specific audiences or a variety of customers based on your requirements.