Static Billboards vs. Mobile Billboards

Mobile Billboards is an out of home advertising medium for advertising on wheels. It offers more advantages over Static Billboards as it brings the ad directly to the target audience. On the contrary, Static Billboards are traditional billboards placed in a fixed location hoping that the desired audience would pass by the billboard. Mobile Billboards provide room for much more creative campaigns as compared to Static Billboards.

The following insights were gathered from a research conducted in the United States in 2020 after studying the actions of participants exposed to mobile digital out-of-home advertising:

  • 35% of respondents searched online or visited a website for the advertised service or product
  • 35% of them visited the advertised restaurant, store, or other business in person
  • 28% of those who engaged with Mobile Billboards saw the advertised TV show or movie
  • 28% posted about and visited the social media site of the advertised product/service
  • 23% attended the advertised festival, sporting event, or concert
  • 20% recommended the advertised brand/product to others



Can’t Miss Us provides customized mobile out-of-home advertising solutions to cater to your business needs. Our mobile trucks are a great way to execute mobile out-of-home campaigns in any market. They can be placed at high-traffic locations or events. We also help you to estimate impressions or interactions with your campaign using pedestrian and traffic information. We use specific locations or routes within a given market to reach various demographics through our Mobile Billboards. By extension, we will help you strategize targeting a larger audience or specific audiences or a variety of customers based on your requirements.