Advantages of Game Day– Digital Mobile Billboards

Digital mobile billboards advertisement for Atlanta Brave parked along a Coca-Cola ad with a busy crowd of sports enthusiasts passing by on a game day.

Digital Mobile Billboards are a game changer during sports matches. Most of us have been to game days, and can remember how busy they are and how many people are there before the sports begin just to soak up the atmosphere. Sporting events can give you huge exposure and visibility for your brand – the average NHL spectator attendance is over 17,000, for MLB it is over 28,000 and the average spectator attendance for an NFL game is 68,000! There are other events which bring in even more spectators, like the US Open with a rough attendance of about 700,000. From a marketing perspective, this is an ideal time to advertise products and services.

The Limitations of Traditional OOH Marketing

Digital Mobile Billboards truck for Iora Primary Care ad parked on a street near Mercedes-Benz Stadium with several people passing by.

Traditional OOH (out-of-home) marketing methods like bulletins, wallscapes, and posters certainly have their place in a marketing strategy, but they are not the best way to take advantage of busy game day traffic. These OOH marketing methods often require week- or month-long buys, which don’t effectively target your audience as you are aiming to advertise to them on a specific day – game day! Plus, the static nature of these methods means that your advertising cannot be reactive to the action that is going on, so they can only target your specific audience for a limited amount of time.

Advantages of Choosing Digital Mobile Billboards

When you choose a digital mobile billboard, you can more accurately target your specific audience. You don’t need to worry about finding somewhere stationary near the stadium to pitch your OOH advertisement, because advertising can go anywhere. It’s best to strategically place your mobile billboard near areas with substantial traffic buildup, sports venues, sports bars, and merchandise stores for maximum impact. These venues may change throughout the day, and by choosing a mobile form of advertising you can ensure that your advertisement remains effective all day long.

The Flexibility of Digital Mobile Billboards

One of the most significant advantages of digital mobile billboards is their flexibility. Unlike traditional billboards, digital mobile billboards can display different ads throughout the day, allowing you to tailor your message to the audience at different times. For instance, before the game, you can promote pre-game specials at local bars and restaurants, and after the game, you can switch to ads for post-game celebrations or transportation services. This dynamic approach ensures your advertisement stays relevant and engaging, capturing the attention of potential customers at the right moment.

Digital Mobile billboards truck ad for Atlanta Football club with a slogan "We gon shine" parked outside a busy arena with people in line.

Real-Time Engagement and Interactivity

There are also opportunities for engagement and real-time engagement with digital mobile billboards. Using social media handles, QR codes, or even live streams, you can convince viewers to connect with your brand immediately. This improves the experience for the viewer while also giving you instant feedback and campaign effectiveness data. In addition to making a lasting impression, real-time audience engagement can greatly increase client conversion rates and brand loyalty.


Contextual Relevance and Emotional Connection

Digital mobile billboards are also easier to render contextually relevant. A static form of advertising can’t be changed during the weeks it is displayed, whereas digital mobile billboards can be altered to the target audience significantly more. The ability to customize the advert and make it relevant to each sporting event means that you can make real, emotional connections with your future clients, increasing the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

People walking by a digital mobile billboards truck advertisement for Moffitt, parked in a busy urban area with colorful buildings.

Summary: The Unique Benefits of Mobile Billboards

To summarize, mobile billboards can reach where traditional OOH marketing methods cannot, in terms of physical locations as well as emotional connectedness. Mobile billboards have amazing recall rates and can be strategically placed to have an even greater impact on consumers. Choosing a more flexible and reactive form of advertisement will increase the success of your advertising campaign, and the amount of people at sporting events makes them a perfect place to market your products and services.