The Effectiveness of Digital Mobile Billboard Advertising

Nowadays, ads are everywhere. We see ads on the television, on social media, on websites, on billboards and posters, it’s easy to become immune to them, right? The more we see advertisements, the less effective they seem to become – we’ve all used that ‘skip ad’ button! We shouldn’t give up on ads though, they are still a highly important way to build brand awareness and encourage purchases, this desensitization to them simply means that we have to adapt.

Mobile digital billboards differ from the typical still billboard advertising and, due to this, it is an incredibly effective strategy. There are three main reasons that explain the effectiveness of digital mobile billboard advertising, and they are as follows: the digital advertising screens grab and hold consumer’s attention, mobile billboards increase your campaign’s reach and outdoor advertising can be tailored to suit you and your brand.

  1. Attracting and Keeping Consumer Attention

A key element of any successful advertisement is the ability to grab, and then keep, the consumer’s attention. A moving, digital billboard on an advertising truck is much more eye-catching than a static one, which can be easily missed or ignored once it has been viewed already. By using videos and flashy images, your advertisement will stick in the consumer’s mind, making them much more likely to recall your product or service. In fact, studies have shown that 94% of consumer’s remember mobile digital billboards compared to traditional, static ones.

  1. Increasing Your Campaign’s Reach

Another problem that static billboards face is that they cannot be reactive to your consumer’s location or relevant events. Mobile digital billboards completely remove that problem and give you a unique opportunity to move your advertisement to wherever it is most needed, be that a high traffic area, a target neighborhood or a sports or political event. For example, if your target audience is sports fans, then you could advertise outside the arena before the game, then at the local sports bar afterwards. Mobile billboards give you a much higher chance of ensuring that the people you want to see your advertisement can actually see it.

  1. Tailoring Your Billboard to Suit You

Another great aspect of mobile billboard advertising is that you can tailor it to suit your needs entirely, not just by moving locations, but by running several different ads. This makes it much easier to run more relevant advertising campaigns. For example, a restaurant would be able to advertise lunch deals in the morning and then dinner deals in the afternoon, targeting the right ads to the right potential customers. It is far easier to change a mobile digital billboard than a static one, and the flexibility that digital billboards offer is second to none.

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