Why Big Brands Love Digital Mobile Billboards

A fleet of digital mobile billboards with Lowe's ads parked outside REI store in Bozeman, MT. A shopper crossing the pedestrian.

Companies are getting more creative than ever when it comes to grabbing the attention of potential customers. Out of home (OOH) advertising is one of the oldest, most reliable forms of advertising, but now thanks to technology, companies are looking to spread their brand with new forms of OOH–digital OOHs, including digital mobile billboards.

There are several big brands using DOOHs, including digital mobile billboards, such as Spotify, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google, Coca-Cola, Verizon, Disney, and Netflix. And big brands are projected to spend billions in the digital OOH space in the coming years.

Big Brands and Guerilla Marketing

Ecolab Science Certified advertisement on a digital mobile billboard truck parked beside the city street. Several people are walking by.

There really is no limit to the types of OOH advertising, from big giant darts sticking out of the ground to your traditional wallscapes and billboards. The goal is to get as creative as possible so consumers are talking and sharing your brand. This is also referred to as guerrilla marketing.

Some of the most common types of guerrilla marketing include:

  • Traditional street marketing: Where you place advertising right at the eye-level of potential consumers in the form of signs, posters, benches, and kiosks.
  • Ambient Marketing: When you place unique items outside or transform every day items into a brand item. One example from McDonald’s is that they transformed a bus stop into a large Happy Meal box. 
  • Event Marketing: You can show up during an event that’s taking place to promote a product or service.

Increasing Investments in DOOH

Now with the evolution of digital OOH, according to Business Insider companies have significantly increased the amount they spend in the digital OOH space (also known as DOOH) since 2015. By 2023, companies are projected to spend $3.84 billion in DOOH.

Benefits of DOOH

That’s because DOOH allows companies to be much more cost effective, flexible, and mobile. There are also more opportunities to be more creative with storytelling in order to really grab the attention of consumers.

The Impact of Creativity in OOH Advertising

This is important because the truth is that people respond to outdoor advertising and the more creative you are, the more likely it will influence someone’s motivation to purchase. And thanks to digital OOH, such as digital mobile billboards, companies are delivering a completely new experience in prime locations.


Why Digital Mobile Billboards

As we shared, a revolutionary form of DOOH is the digital mobile billboard. Thanks to the data that’s now available, big brands are better able to know exactly where potential customers will be and how often they visit certain areas. So then they are able to more effectively execute the time and use of digital mobile billboards.

Chick-fil-A advertisement on a digital mobile billboard truck. Serving free pizza pie in a residential area. Several people are standing close to the truck.

Creating Memorable Experiences

It also allows companies to create a fun, “pop-up” experience for consumers, something similar to another form of OOH called experiential marketing. This is when you can invite people to participate and interact with the brand, creating a more memorable experience.

Usually on digital-led trucks, other benefits of digital mobile billboards include:

  • Memorable: The advertisements are shown on large LED screens on the truck, so they demand attention from consumers.
  • Engaging: Companies don’t have to stick just to one image. There can be a series of high-quality videos and clips and even live-stream capabilities.
  • Flexible: You can literally customize your campaign or simply turn it on or off in a matter of minutes.

Enhanced Brand Presence and Storytelling

That is why big companies are not only able to convey their story more creatively, but they may also have a stronger presence in several important places. Businesses can provide interactive material that changes to fit different audiences and situations with digital mobile billboards. Because of this flexibility, companies may test out several formats—from animated graphics to interactive experiences—to make sure the message is grasped by the target market.

Because of the billboards’ mobility, marketers may maximize their exposure by reaching audiences at special events, during peak hours, and in high-traffic regions. Content that can be swiftly updated and altered guarantees that brands are timely and relevant, reacting to trends or current events as they happen.

Digital mobile billboards also provide valuable data and insights into consumer behavior, allowing brands to track engagement and measure campaign effectiveness. This continuous feedback loop enhances storytelling, helping brands refine their narratives and connect more deeply with their audience

Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband promotional advertisement on a digital mobile billboard truck outside a shopping center with busy shoppers passing by.

Verizon Wireless digital mobile billboard in Dallas, Texas

How You Can Advertise With Digital Mobile Billboards

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