What are mobile billboards?

Mobile billboards, displayed on vehicles with attention-grabbing visuals, are driven through specific locations or routes to reach a wider audience for promotional purposes. Mobile billboards offer flexibility in targeting specific demographics and are commonly used to promote products, events, or brands.

Can I play video (TV or Movies) on the screens?

Yes. If you’re looking for an answer about the technical ability of the displays to show video, that answer is also yes. However, LED screens are not like a regular TV and they require special components to show live video. That component is called a video processor, and it’s included with all digital video truck bodies products from Cant Miss US.

How does one deliver AD content to the screens?

Regular (non moving video) ads are created in JPG format and are stored on a media player, which is a small box connected to the video processor, which in turn is connected to the LED screens. The standard media player has a slot for an SD card and it’s easy to add/delete the ad files on your personal computer, however, most Expo and vMod configurations include remote administration, which includes a live 3G/4G Internet connection and software that includes the ability to create custom playlists of ads which can be uploaded live to the truck while it is on the road.

Where can mobile billboards go?

Digital mobile billboards can travel anywhere accessible by vehicles, including urban areas, highways, events, tourist destinations, and commercial districts. Their versatility allows advertisers to dynamically showcase content and target diverse audiences in different locations.

What is location-aware advertising, and why is it important?

We engineered a GPS based advertising solution that allows you to define geo-zones on a map, and when the truck enters any one of the zones, it can automatically switch all of the advertising. This has valuable implications for advertising sales. For example, if there are certain parts of your city where residents speak a different language, it’s possible to create alternate language versions of your ads, and when the truck drives into that neighborhood, the ads will instantly change to the other language without any action by the driver. Another example shows how to use the location aware feature to benefit a group of allied businesses. In your city, there may be a dozen different insurance agencies all operating under the same brand, each serving a unique part of the metro area. Since they all contribute a portion of their revenue into a cooperative advertising pool, the pool funds can only be spent on advertising the benefits everyone in the coop group. You could contract with the group for the entire metro area, and as the truck drives around, the appropriate ad for the agent in that part of town, where the truck is currently driving, will be displayed. 

Can we track the billboard trucks?

All our digital mobile billboard trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology. This advanced feature allows you to monitor your vehicles in real-time Rest assured, internet connectivity will never pose an issue for your truck.

Do the digital mobile billboard trucks work during the day and night?

Yes! Digital mobile billboard trucks, equipped with LED displays, are designed to operate effectively during both day and night. The brightness of the LED screens ensures clear visibility in various lighting conditions, allowing you to run campaigns around the clock.

What are Low Heat Dissipating LEDs?

Low heat dissipating LEDs, crucial for applications like mobile LED billboards, are designed to minimize heat production during operation, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Efficient heat management in these LEDs is essential for maintaining reliability in the dynamic environment of mobile LED billboards.

What is CPM?

CPM refers to the expense incurred for every thousand views or impressions.

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