Enhance Your Digital Mobile Billboard Campaigns

Before we delve into mobile billboardlets pause and talk about billboards – we see them everywhere – plastered all over the city buildings, buses and trucks. They play an essential role in tempting us to either purchase a product, or become aware of a brand’s presence. Either way, companies who use billboards sure know a thing or two about penetrating into the minds of a consumer. 

Billboards are known by many all over the world, but what are mobile LED billboards? Mobile LED billboards are advertising tools businesses use to reach a highly specific target audience where regular static billboards can’t reach. The great thing about mobile billboard marketing, as the name suggests, it is mobility – which means businesses advertise their products and services whilst moving around in trucks and vans.

Cantmiss.US Digital Billboard Truck with summit ad in a city.

This kind of out-of-home marketing paves the way for businesses to infiltrate their advertisements in areas that would otherwise have been difficult to reach through more mainstream advertising methods. In its literal sense, mobile billboard trucks have the advantage to leverage in a significant inflow of audience by driving around their message to consumers who tend to stay out of their homes for most of the day.


So essentially, companies advertise their content on the sides of trucks, vans, buses, and even trawlers where their content is either played as still images, or by video messages. These vehicles then move around particular locations where people are mostly crowded – therefore drawing in a tremendous dose of awareness and brand presence.

Why Choose Mobile Billboard Marketing?

LED billboard marketing has made a name for itself in the world of out-of-home marketing and just marketing in general. It allows businesses to garner attention from the audience which themselves are mobile, thus moving their advertising materials alongside their consumers, wherever they go.

Here's why not stick with traditional billboard marketing:

1. Sizeable

The reason why billboards stand out and attract attention is due to their enormous size.  With LED billboard trucks, missing an advertisement that is being driven around the town is almost next to impossible. No matter how much you avoid it, your eyes are always drawn to a huge truck driving around with an advertisement coated all over it.


Billboard trucks permit a greater chance for an advertisement to become noticed, which in turn leads to a greater chance for a business to administer brand awareness.  

2. No Clutter Advertisement

Wherever you go, you are bombarded with one advertisement on top of the other – to the point it becomes physically unbearable to glance upon another ad. From websites to subway stations, to radio programs all the way to television advertisements, our daily life involves several interactions with advertisements.


With billboard trucks, however, it is different because these trucks are strategically positioned away from other competitors, making consumers more likely to become fixated towards a singular advertisement.

3. Cost-Effective

Most of our lives we have only encountered traditional billboard ads which would either be present on street poles in favorable locations or would be played on repeat on radio stations. Both of these billboard advertising methods are known to be heavy on the pockets as they require quite hefty payments to advertise these billboards for a long time span.


Mobile billboard trucks, on the other hand, are nothing but easy on the business’s budget. These trucks generate a larger percentage of impression counts as opposed to conventional billboard advertising due to their mobility. Also, mobile LED billboards incur very minimal costs per impression when setting up ads on trucks considering the fact that the landscape is much more restricted when compared to static billboards.

4. Controllable

Mobile LED billboards customize their advertising message and target it to a market based on it’s geographic location. Due to this, businesses are better able to reach their audience because they know the population of consumers present in a particular location – which means there is an increased chance for the advertisement to be seen and taken into action by the viewers.


This therefore gives businesses the advantage of making the most of their advertising campaign without having to drown their marketing budget down the drain. Businesses can meet their customer’s locations through the help of mobile billboard advertisements directly and effectively.


At Can’t Miss US, we provide our customers to have their advertisements placed on a larger-than-life LED platform, which connects with their targeted audience with the sparkle of LED’s clean and crisp resolution. Our mobile LED billboards are displayed on outdoor vehicles, which means that your business’s advertising material is adjusted based on your target market’s geographical location and is constantly updated as per the business’s requirements.