Dominate Boston,MA with Digital Mobile Billboard

Boston marketers and advertisers depend on Can’t Miss Us for their mobile billboard needs to help amplify a message and brand awareness with customers, voters, and various target audiences. We specialize in outdoor advertising, emphasizing mobile marketing that delivers precisely what advertisers are looking for: affordable branding that speaks directly to your demographics!

The truth is there is no way to miss a digital mobile billboard no matter where you are in Boston. So if you’re cruising along Boylston Street, visiting near the New England Aquarium, or looking to share a special message around Boston’s famous Fenway Park, you can strategically place mobile billboards to catch the attention of as many people as possible. This gives you more bang for your buck because of the mobile and messaging flexibility.

To prove our point, here are four different examples of how you can completely customize digital mobile billboards to help with your next Boston marketing campaign.

Launching Political Campaigns

Mobile billboards are a great way to reach potential voters in Boston. A lot can be learned from the successful presidential election campaign of President Obama. All was done through grassroots movements and messages spreading with digital mobile billboards. Mobile billboard trucks are a unique way to get your message seen by thousands of people instantly!

Promote Grand Openings and Sales

One of the benefits of using digital mobile billboards is that they are so memorable, so when you have exciting news like the grand opening of a store or restaurant or having a can’t-miss sale, you’ll definitely turn the heads of Bostonians with a digital billboard truck that’s flashing a special message!

Example of a digital mobile billboard getting ready to leave to promote the grand opening of a new store.

Create Public Awareness

Citizens of Boston are passionate about what they believe in, so what better way to spread the word about an important cause than a digital mobile billboard? Labor unions at construction sites and hospitals harness the power of mobile billboards to bring awareness to the public during contract negotiations. Instead of being limited to just one location with a static billboard, you can create awareness throughout Boston and make a more significant impact for your worthy cause!

Recruit New Employees

If you need new employees right away, mobile billboards provide an excellent way to reach large groups of people in one area. For example, imagine being able to schedule a mobile billboard to drive around a trade show or convention of hungry, employment-seeking individuals. Not only can you have a table promoting your company, but create an even more favorable impression with a fun mobile billboard reinforcing the brand of your company’s message.

Why A Digital Mobile Billboard Works in Boston

The keyword is flexibility. You utilize data you have on your current and prospective consumers about where they are at any time of data and schedule a digital mobile billboard to be there. So if it’s leaving the office at the end of the day or taking the family to a hockey game, you can completely customize the schedule of your mobile billboard.

And you can also change the message of your billboard. Unlike static billboards where you can only display one message for a period of time, you can even change your digital message based on the Boston neighborhood time.

If you’re ready for incredibly high ROI on your next Boston-area marketing campaign, please contact us. We have a team of dedicated and experienced marketing professionals prepared to make your next campaign a wild success!