Add Users to Your App – Mobile Billboards Advertising

Mobile billboards parked near a busy street with many pedestrians walking. The billboard truck displays a woman with Jigsaw date app written

Nowadays, the internet is saturated with content and there is an app available for just about everything you need. With advertising everywhere, especially on social media and websites, we are all bombarded with encouragement to go and check out the latest app all the time, which is why you need to think outside of the box!

The Power of Digital Mobile Billboards

Many people have become desensitized to online advertising because we see it so often, there are times that we don’t even register that we have seen an ad! To make your marketing campaign really stand out, and to get more people onto your app, you need to try something different that has a much better recall rate. This is why we suggest using digital mobile billboards to advertise your product.

Reaching the Right Audience

New York digital mobile billboard truck shows Jigsaw Dating App. A woman walking smiles as 2 ladies pose in front of billboard truck.

Due to the ability to move your billboard, you can reach your true target audience wherever they may be. You can target a whole market, or you can focus specifically on one group – whatever you need. As well as location-based targeting, you can use mobile billboards to advertise to your target audience based on their interests. For example, you could advertise at a university campus or at a sports event. This means that not only will you get lots of impressions, but you will also get lots of meaningful ones.

The Synergy of Out-of-Home and Digital Campaigns

Billboard truck parked in a street with many cars driving by and seeing the WAX ad. Mobile LED billboard shows a blue screen with WAX written

Out-of-home advertising campaigns work incredibly when paired with a digital campaign. A study by Nielsen showed that 66% of smartphone users took some form of action, either searching or social media, after seeing an OOH ad. This means that they are an incredibly effective way for you to drive people to your website or app.

Creating Buzz with Non-Traditional Advertising

Furthermore, mobile billboards are a non-traditional form of advertisement, meaning they create more buzz and excitement. Many people don’t see mobile billboards every day, so not only do they remember them more, the campaign itself is much more likely to be talked (and tweeted) about.

Scientific Backing for Mobile Billboard Effectiveness

You don’t just have to take our word for it that mobile billboards are the best way forward, it’s supported by science too!  In the Nielsen OOH Advertising Study in 2019, it was shown that mobile billboards have a high recall rate across many areas. On top of this, moving adverts are noticed much more quickly and are remembered more often. A study by APN used brain scanning technology to show that a moving advertisement has a 45% higher peak exposure than that of a stationary advertisement.

Why Choose Digital Mobile Billboards

Mobile Billboard placed in front of the Miami Convention Center. People walking close. LED billboard truck shows Miami Ad in vibrant colors.

It really is that simple, digital mobile billboards will help you add more users to your app or website. Using them will mean no more getting lost in a sea of online advertisements that people don’t recognise as much, and moving into a highly effective, targeted advertising campaign that will deliver fantastic results. If you want to target audiences, create a buzz around your campaign and ensure that your advert will be recalled after viewing, then we would seriously recommend using a digital mobile billboard.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Campaign with Digital Mobile Billboards

In conclusion, digital mobile billboards are a transformative advertising medium, cutting through the noise of traditional online ads with their dynamic and engaging presence. They offer a novel approach to reaching your target audience, ensuring your message not only reaches but also resonates with them. This method goes beyond mere visibility; it creates memorable interactions and lasting impressions.


Digital mobile billboards represent a pivotal shift in advertising tactics. By leveraging their ability to target specific locations and events, you can create a buzz around your brand and forge a deeper connection with your audience. This isn’t just about broadcasting a message; it’s about creating a unique brand experience that sticks.


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