Mobile Billboard Advertising Ohio

Mobile Billboards Advertising in Ohio?

Ohio is the best place to have a mobile billboard campaign. The best part about outdoor advertising is that it is easy for everyone to glance at the advertisement without even asking for it.

The out-of-home (OOH) medium helps reach people outside their homes through billboards, exterior signage, mobile billboard digital LED trucks, etc. The average time taken by a commuter in the city of Ohio drives for 24 minutes one way, which helps the mobile billboard advertising campaign the perfect opportunity of making an impact while they travel from home to work and vice versa.

OOH is cost-effectiveness and that’s the reason why there’s a steady upward curve in the number of users opting for OOH.

Take Your Ad to Your Customers!

When you advertise in Ohio’s busy area, and the mobile advertisement moves through the target audience, which means – the audience comes to it. Mobile billboard campaigns are the best method for any business, but it is more effective for small-scale businesses to advertise their services and products.

Ohio Statistics

Population of Ohio11.7 Million
Tourists/ Visitors per year to Ohio222 Million
Average time to commute to work(one-way)24 minutes


We can say that the people who live and visit Ohio are in huge numbers from the above information. Therefore, if you want to generate high leads for your business, our mobile billboard advertising is the best method to advertise your product and services.

ohio mobile billboards

Benefits of Mobile Billboard Advertisement

  • As this is the best way for the business to get maximum leads, it encourages potential clients to involve in impulsive buying. Clients can easily reach you as the they are already on the move.
  • A report states that mobile billboards have the highest recall rate of 97% in Ohio. This is way better that digital marketing as the number of impressions and recall rate is too high when both are compared. Also, it means that your advertising efforts have been successful.
  • To display ads to the people living in and around Ohio, LED trucks are usually preferred. And this creates an atmosphere of belonging and a personal relationship between the brand and the viewer of the advertisement. People being located and catered to in the places they usually hangout in, gives them a feeling of belonging and helps you increase trust.
  • These advertisements are impossible to miss as the trucks have an extremely high-quality screen and sound system, and this helps grab the attention of anyone passing by.
  • The mobile billboard truck advertising can make an unbelievable number of impressions per day. In the state of Ohio, it is around 30k-70k impressions per day.

ohio digital trucks

These campaigns have helped create successful advertising campaigns in the state of Ohio for years. And our digital mobile billboards are trucks with HD LED screens with proper external stereo sound system, which helps advertise and get notified in the crowd. Now that you know all the benefits of mobile billboard advertising in Ohio and its usefulness in Ohio. You can forget the cliché static billboard advertising, TV advertising, etc., and get on board with us.