Do mobile billboards advertising work in Chicago?

With digital advertising on the rise, there are countless ways to project an advertisement outdoors one of which is Mobile Billboards Advertising. Outdoor advertising captures the crowd’s attention without even asking for it, unlike traditional advertisements. Out of home (OOH) advertisement solutions reaches people outside their homes through billboards, exterior signage, mobile billboard digital LED trucks, etc.

In a busy and continually progressing city like Chicago, mobile advertising caters to be the best advertising mode because the rate of impressions can sum up to be between 30,000 – 70,000 in a single day. Irrespective of the circumstances, it reaches over and above the target that any brand strategizes for its marketing reach.

Mobile Billboards Advertising as your OOH Advertising Solutions

OOH advertising solutions main reason is to have a significant upward curve intent because of it is cost-effective. You advertise in a busy area, and the audience comes to it. This is the most effective way of advertising small, local businesses.

Chicago Statistics

Population of Chicago

8 Million

Tourists/ Visitors per year to Chicago

50+ Million

Average time to commute to work(one-way)

30.8 minutes

We can say that the people who live and visit Chicago are in huge numbers from the above information. Therefore, if you want to generate high leads for your business, then mobile billboard advertising in Chicago is the best method to advertise your product and services.

Sprint Ad on mobile billboards advertising by Can't Miss US offering $1,000 savings, placed by a busy city road with onlookers.

Benefits of Mobile Billboard Advertisement


  • Encourages Impulsive Buying

Since your viewers are already on the move, it reduces the effort of traveling for purchase, triggering the feeling of instantly wanting the product or service.

  • Highest Recall Rate

With everybody watching these LED trucks advertising in Chicago, mobile billboards have the highest recall rate of 97% in Chicago, which is almost close to everybody that was initially the target of the advertisement.

  • Helps You Connect with Locals

LED trucks are used for advertising in Chicago. And this creates an atmosphere of belonging and a personal relationship with the viewer of the advertisement. People being located and catered to at their own places is the name of the game. Reaching target local customers is made easy with this way of advertisement.

  • “Unmissable” Advertisements

Because of the extremely high-quality screen and sound system, it’s close to impossible for anyone not to notice a mobile billboard. Therefore, it drastically increases the rate of retention and recall.

  • Increased, Improved Reach & Impressions

To cater to all the progressive and hustling people of Chicago who are constantly on their feet, mobile advertising zeros down the possibility of reaching out to them at their own pace, time, and place.

  • Control Where Your Truck Goes

You can track the digital LED trucks as to where it is parked and what routes is the truck traveling in Chicago. This gives you extreme control and helps you strategize your reach to your target audience on time! Like in the evening when people come out of their offices, parking the truck near public transport stations and bays attract increased viewership. You can plan the route that the truck takes to advertise to the working class in the society, in the morning, parks would attract morning joggers in the city. Therefore, with the control to track and communicate with the vehicle, you can plan out the day for your mobile billboard advertising in Chicago.

Can't Miss US Mobile billboards marketing ad on a road at sunset advertising Cline Avenue Bridge as a faster Chicago route.

Our mobile billboard ads aren’t just ads; they’re “unmissable” experiences. With a 97% recall rate, your message will resonate with nearly every target audience member. Plus, our advanced tracking technology allows you to control the truck’s routes and locations, ensuring your message reaches the right people at the right time.

Don’t let this incredible advertising opportunity pass you by. Take action now and contact us to elevate your brand’s visibility and connect with the vibrant people of Chicago. Let’s make your business the talk of the town!