What is a Digital Billboard Truck?

Ads outside the home are really starting to change, all thanks to the emerging trend of Digital Mobile Billboard Advertising. In fact, if you’ve been out and about lately, you’ve probably noticed that more and more mobile LED billboard trucks are showing up on the roads. However, despite this uptick in appearances, lots of people still find themselves puzzled, not really knowing what these mobile billboards are all about. So, in this helpful article, we’ll take a moment to explain what these digital billboard trucks are. Moreover, we’ll discuss why they’re turning out to be a really good way to make sure your message gets seen by the public.

Decoding Digital Billboard Trucks digital mobile billboard truck parked on the side of street with an image of a NFL player next to a Fandeul Ad for new customers.

Essentially, these digital billboard trucks act like roving billboards. Equipped with bright mobile LED truck screens, they have the ability to display various types of content such as ads, messages, and images. What’s really exciting about this? Well, the unique advantage is that they can transport your message across different locations. In doing so, they significantly increase the chances that a large number of people will get to see and engage with your message.

Components of a Mobile Billboard:

A Cantmiss.US digital mobile billboard truck highlighting its advanced features: an LED display & sturdy frame. The image displays the LED Truck with features.
  1. Mobile LED Truck Screen: At the heart of the digital mobile billboard truck is the bright screen. It makes your ad easy to see, even when the sun is shining bright.
  2. Truck Body: The truck holds the screen in place and has space for other tools to ensure your ad is clear and effective.
  3. On the Move: Because these billboard trucks have wheels, they can go to lots of places, showing your ad to more people.
  4. Power: These trucks have their own power. This means the screen is always lit up and showing your ad.
  5. Easy Changes: There’s a system that lets you pick what shows on the screen. So, you can change the ad anytime.
  6. Weatherproof: The trucks are made to be outside, so they keep the screen and inside parts safe from the weather.
  7. Visible: Our mobile LED trucks have sufficient lights so your audience can see them even when it’s dark.
  8. Sound System: Billboard trucks have an inbuilt sound system which can enhance your ad quality.
  9. Knowing Where They Are: Many digital mobile billboard trucks have GPS. This tells you where the truck is and how your ad is doing.
  10. GPS: All digital billboard trucks have an inbuilt GPS which let’s you see where your mobile LED truck is real-time.

How Do Mobile Billboard Trucks Work?

Cantmiss.US mobile billboard truck displays an advertisement for 'Pink Whitney' with the tagline 'Take Your Shot' and an image of a pink liquor bottle.

In essence, digital billboard trucks actively cruise through areas that are densely populated with people. The primary goal? To ensure that your message, whether it’s promoting a product, announcing an event, or conveying some other information, gains maximum visibility. Each route is crafted with your input. We target your audience in a manner like no other. By doing so, they effectively make it more likely that a broad audience will see and take note of your message.

To Wrap Up:

Incorporating digital billboard truck advertising in your marketing strategy can significantly elevate your brand’s visibility and deliver remarkable results. Embrace this innovative approach to advertising and witness your message illuminating the streets while captivating your target audience.



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