Rapid Advertising Anywhere with Mobile Billboards

Instant Advertising Anywhere & Anytime with CantMissUs Mobile Billboards

Did you know that the recall rate is more than 96% for mobile billboard advertising? That’s amazing, isn’t it? It means, in every two mobile advertisements, we would remember at least one of them and picturize the other one.

Mobile Billboards advertising promoting the Verizon's Blazing fast 5G Home Internet on a sunny city street.

Why do we rank first in the race?

In the recent times, many businesses and major companies are showcasing their products or services on the advertisements which are mobile, because they have the higher success rate when compared to other Out of Home(OOH) advertising medium. More than 65% of the major companies have shifted their static advertisements to digital mobile billboard trucks. The reason behind this is these digital LED trucks (mobile billboard advertising) have many benefits. A few of them are cost-effective, dedicated to your target audience, the fantastic platform where Gen-Z and the millennials can’t take their eyes off. The best part about mobile billboard advertising is it has two times the success rate of static billboards. We can officially say that mobile billboard advertising is the king of OOH Medium.

OOH is the combination of digital and static advertisements around the globe. The future for advertising media is the OOH advertising solutions. It helps people visualize what exactly they need. And out of all the existing OOH mediums out there, mobile billboard advertising will help you get those leads converted to sales. Let us briefly explain to you some of the benefits of mobile billboard advertising

Mind-blowing impressions per day.

The Mobile Billboard Truck advertising is known for its unbelievable amount of impressions per day. For example, In a city like Cleveland, OH or Chicago, IL, we regularly encounter around 130k-170k impressions per day.

Impossible to ignore

These advertisements are impossible to miss, as the digital-led trucks have an HD screen and a fantastic stereo system, which grabs the attention of anyone passing by.Therefore, drastically increasing the rate of being noticeable off the charts.


Mobile billboards are by far the most affordable form of Out of home (OOH) advertising than the others.


In a constant change world, it is not easy to deal with every change in the products as it gets updated frequently. So with the help of mobile billboards, they can be changed according to your needs at a much faster interval.

Community vaccination ad campaign using Can't Miss US' mobile billboard parked in a sunny plaza with pedestrians and rainbow flags.

Here’s an example of how ATL United – Atlanta’s Official Soccer Team used Can’t Miss US’s Mobile Billboards to appeal to fans at State Farm Arena – Atlanta on a Saturday afternoon where the crowd was waiting to get in the concert. Can’t Miss US pulled in with our truck playing the ads and provided maximum exposure to ATL United’s target audience where no other medium could have. ATL United was extremely happy with the exposure their brand got. Here is the YouTube link:

We are in this business for you, to build the reputation for your brand. We help small-scale startups to push their products and services to the audience which they require. We have a higher success rate when compared to others. Now that you know the benefits of our mobile billboard advertising, you can be relieved about the generation of leads. As we would help you get what you desire. If you have any queries or want to know more about us and mobile billboard advertisements, click here and request a callback from one of our experienced OOH advertising consultants.

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