LED Billboard Marketing – The Best for Event Marketing

It’s 2020 and almost everywhere you see, there are billboards boastfully plastered around cities while an image or a video is displayed on every block. If you have seen this, know that you have just witnessed a reformation in the world of marketing. Step aside traditional marketing, Led billboard marketing is here to take over the world!

Just to clarify, event marketing, as the name suggests, is the marketing strategy implemented by marketers in leaving a lasting impression about their brand through the help of grabbing the attention of their target audience. For event marketers, the most suitable place for marketing events is a large group of people flocked together in a particular location.


So essentially, the best places to grasp their attention is at special events such as concerts, fairs, bazaars, sporting events, charity events, etc. This gives them the chance to pull in their consumers directly whilst imprinting a spectacular first-impression in their minds that will resonate with them for many years.

A digital mobile billboard truck advertisement for Lil Durk parked on the side of Hollywood Boulevard at night with pedestrians.

Can't Miss US Led Billboard Marketing

With Cant Miss’ Us LED billboard marketing, brands can hoist their target audience through interactive displays and face-to-face sampling. It allows people to know first-hand how the business functions through their actions and encourages them to engage with the brand directly rather than from behind the screen.


With Cant Miss, you really can’t miss the opportunity of marketing your event by using mobile LED billboard trucks, vans, and trawlers to promote your event. It has been researched that businesses that performed event marketing had 58% of their consumers purchase their products right after the event. Additionally, 86% of the audience present in a particular location had become regular customers, all thanks to mobile LED event marketing. 

What Other Benefits Does Mobile LED Event Marketing Offer?

As opposed to traditional marketing, digital event marketing strategically targets consumers which are often hidden in the nooks and crannies of society, and only appear in special events. Event marketing, therefore, aims towards specific crowds that are clustered in groups with the intention of gaining their awareness instantly.


Event marketing is no easy game though. For an event marketing campaign to take off successfully, the marketing tactic must add value to the product or service whilst still keeping the consumers’ best interest at heart. A good way to instantly gain the customer’s trust is by giving out discounts and free samples to make them feel as though there is a benefit in it for them in being your customer.


Another benefit of implementing digital event marketing is that customers and other brands get to discover you! When hosting an event, you are encouraging people to come to you and interact with your brand. For example, if you are hosting a bake sale event, customers may contact you for catering cakes for their upcoming birthday event or baby shower. Or, other bakers may knock at your door for wanting to collaborate with you in an upcoming bake-off! 

Create An Effective Event Marketing Plan

With event marketing, your opportunities are endless. Giving out free samples of your mini cupcakes is a sure way to win your prospective customer’s heart. By doing so, you are allowing them to discover your brand and give a shout out to you on their social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. 

For an effective event marketing to take place, brands must first identify their target audience and based on that, jot down what they would want their viewers to remember for a lifetime. A win-win situation would be when brands interact with their targeted group of people while simultaneously allowing consumers to participate in their campaign. This will build and strengthen relationships between the brand and customers for the long shot and also give customers a sense of brand affinity.


Why Can't Miss US?

Being the largest network of LED billboard trucks nationwide, Cant Miss proudly handles logistics for multiple LED trucks in several cities such as Atlanta, New Jersey, and Florida to name a few. Last year in November, Cant Miss campaigned an event for ATL United – one of the biggest soccer teams in Atlanta, Georgia with their signature tagline ‘Unite & Conquer’ playing on the sides of Cant Miss’ LED trucks.


Not only that, but Cant Miss has also campaigned several other projects for notable clients such as Planet Fitness, Cloudcraft, and AutoNation. The best thing is, Cant Miss’ trucks are all black and non-branded, which means their event campaigns are always personalized to perfection for their clients.